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Why EZ Spaces?

EZ Spaces is designed for the modern professional who finds themselves conducting business in open forum settings on a regular basis such as coffee shops, restaurants, home offices or libraries.

Below are just a few of the professional categories that will flourish in our working environments. Come be a part of the success!

• Entrepreneurs
• Recent college graduate
• Real estate agents
• Lawyers
• Sales/Marketing
• Freelance designers
• Web developers
• Software engineers
• Application developers
• Small businesses with 3-5 partners remotely working from various locations
• Writers/Editors
• Bloggers
• Social media experts
• Digital strategists
• Management consultants
• Account executives
• Regional managers
• Trainers
• Consulting engineers
• Investors
• Venture Capitalists
• Insurance agents
• Financial advisors
• Business coaches
• Accountants
• Corporate employees who often telecommute
• Business management
• MLM business owners
• Public relations professional
• Recruiters
• And many others

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