5 Day Pass

The 5 Day Pass is perfect for anyone who needs short term access to a professional workspace. You might have a home office but you just need a day away in a professional office space with the hub of business background noise. You might desire to be around a group of professionals to spark some productivity and creativity! You might telecommute during the week and your actual office space is far in distance (and gas costs!) and the coffee shop is too crowded, loud and non-productive. You might just want to experiment with Coworking. The 5 Day Pass Members have access to all of the EZ Spaces amenities, which includes excellent wifi, complimentary conference room hours, access to the telephone booths, office supports, hot/cold beverages and snacks.

Welcome to a new community of highly successful business men and women!

The 5 Day Pass is available to Members Monday - Friday during business hours.

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