About Us @ EZ Spaces

EZ Spaces is a creative, innovative and inspiring coworking space designed for small businesses, startups, freelancers and independent professionals. It is created to be a better solution to the traditional executive suites, home offices and coffee shops. Strategically position your business in the heart of Gilbert Arizona, while benefiting from simple month to month pricing and amenities. EZ Spaces provides you with an enjoyable workspace that gives your company the best opportunity for success.

How We got Started:

During the summer of 2012, Founder of EZ Spaces, John Mahon, set out to find a good solution for renting an office for his web development and hosting business. Not finding anything, he began the pursuit of finding collaborative, shared office space in the East Valley. Having few to no options, the logical next step was to create his own coworking space for himself and everyone else to enjoy!

In August 2012, John partnered with Devon Dickinson and the two of them passionately began the process of creating the best coworking facility in Arizona and beyond.

Together, both John and Devon have a deep desire to foster business community, open collaboration, powerful networking opportunities through a facility that promotes success.

A video to help tell the story:

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